Deep Sleep Oral Drops - How to use

1. Shake the bottle well before use.

2. Administer one serving (30mg of CBD) one hour before bedtime.
We recommend administering the serving underneath the tongue, holding for 30 seconds, then swallowing what is left. Otherwise, you can also add the oil to your nighttime tea or drink of choice.

3. After one week, if you get the desired effect you no longer need to increase the CBD dosage. If the results are not as desired, you could consider increasing the dosage amount by 2 drops weekly. And continue with this method until you achieve the desired results.

→ For example: Start with 30 mg (1 serving). After a week, you can increase it to 1 servings + 2 drops, and after a second week, increase it to 1 serving + 4 drops.