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The Subscribe & Save program is a subscription-based program that makes sure you never run out of your favourite fmula+ products. Program your orders automatically and seamlessly get them on a weekly or monthly basis, and save up to 25% every time.

You don't need the supplements this month? It's totally fine. Skip a month or two and hop back into your subscription program whenever you need it. Or cancel at any time you feel is right. There is no obligatory subscription time period.

We adapt to your needs as you health journey evolves.

How to start saving

Step 1

Pick your product & subscription frequency

Choose the product you want to receive frequently & choose the Subscription that best fits your needs. Every 2 weeks, every 1 month or 2 months.

Step 2

Check out and get 25% off

Proceed to check out and get 25% off your favourite fmula+ product. Leave the rest to us.

Step 3

Enjoy the benefits & Repeat

Your product will get to you soon. Enjoy it! And don't worry when you are about to run out of it, your next product will get automatically shipped with a 25% discount as frequently as you wish.